Welcome Message

Hi and welcome to Curtin University!

I am Valerie Velina, MPU Program Coordinator. MPU or General Studies Unit is the compulsory unit you going to take along with your core units.  Do make sure you pass all of them as it is a prerequisite for the award of each and every bachelor’s and diploma degree.

So why study MPU? Commonly, we as educated people should understand that general studies is one of the key tools to help us to grow both on a personal as well as academic level. It narrows our sense of perceiving the world and comprehending the circumstances around us. Specifically, MPU units aim to equip students to be part of a harmonious and responsible community through consolidating and broadening our knowledge, especially in the Malaysian context. In addition to enhancing the acquisition, mastery, and applications of spreads of humanity skills.

Lastly, I hope all of you will savor this priceless opportunity to learn new skills and have real-life experience working with your friends, both in our beautiful multi-ethnic Sarawak and diverse international community here at Curtin University!

Valerie Velina Anaelechi,
Head ,
General Studies Department.