Industrial Advisory Panel

The Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) serves a fundamental role in facilitating dialogue between the board members and the academic team of the Department of Health Science at Curtin University, Malaysia. With an annual meeting on the calendar, this gathering serves as an invaluable platform where the academic staff and IAP converge to evaluate the robustness and relevance of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The composition of the IAP is both diverse and distinguished. It brings together professionals from a multitude of health-related sectors across Malaysia. Their collective experience is vast, providing insights from numerous health science disciplines.

Each member of the Industry Advisory Panel shares a profound commitment to the advancement of health science. Their primary objective is to impart their knowledge and insights, ensuring that our educational offerings remain both contemporary and comprehensive, equipping our students for their future roles in the health science arena. With a torch of passion for their profession, they are keen to illuminate the pathways for our educators, crafting a brighter future for our emerging professionals.

Roles of the Industry Advisory Panel:

  1. To provide guidance on current and potential courses, ensuring they align with industry needs and advancements.
  2. To deliver feedback on programme educational objectives (PEO) outcomes.
  3. To establish and nurture connections with relevant institutions and organizations in Sarawak and Malaysia.
  4. To highlight research priorities pertinent to the health and wellness needs of Sarawak, Malaysia, and the ASEAN region.
  5. To cultivate ties with both public and private health entities, nurturing consistent collaboration.
  6. To guide or assist in the facilitation of internships and the placement of graduates.
  7. To suggest and establish opportunities for research partnerships, inclusive of doctoral scholarships.