Student and Alumni Relations

The Alumni

Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

Celeste Bolano
Associate Executive, Corporate,
Edelman Malaysia

I joined Curtin Sarawak and took the Foundation of Art before Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication). Even from the very beginning, we were not only exposed to learning theories and concepts, but  we were also given the opportunity to operate filming equipment and ‘run’ our production independently. Beyond hands-on learning, the set of units offered allow us to have a holistic understanding of business management, cultural and behaviour studies.

 daniella-lupi-balanDaniella Lupi Balan
Assistant Manager (Communications) ,
Sarawak Tourism Board

I chose Mass Communications as my education and career path for the sole purpose that I wanted to be challenged. My time studying Mass Communications in Curtin has not only challenged me, but it has built me up to withstand any adversities I may face in the future. In this programme, I learned technical skills and practical industrial knowledge pertinent to my field. I have been exposed to real life experiences within the industry, and I have worked alongside people from varying cultures, languages, religions and socio-economic backgrounds as we pursued our educations together. I have learned how to conceptualize, produce and defend my projects and opinions in an environment that, while it did not coddle me, refused to demotivate me. I have learned lifelong lessons and I have earned lifelong friends. Studying Mass Communications in Curtin is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

 keeshaanan-sundaresanKeeshaanan Sundaresan
Chief Editor,

It’s a whole package of knowledge, let’s just say that. The creative industry isn’t at the behest of degrees and varsity qualifications. But what Curtin’s Mass Communication course does is give you the strategic bit of knowledge and technical skills for a variety of things. You learn the basics of journalism, important film techniques, and even the business side of thing. Essentially, it gives you the platform to be a flexible player within the industry, upon graduation. And trust me, flexibility is so, so crucial to your ability to succeed in a competitive industry. It was nothing short of a revelation, for me.

Karen Kuek
Freelancer in the television industry

I graduated from Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus in 2009 in Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) with a one-year exemption. This program is a balance of both theoretical and practical modules.
The Media, Communications and Information (MCI) units exposed me to deeper analysis, thorough research and extensive writing. I was given many opportunities to present my research and writing to the class.
The Film and Television (FTV) units, on the other hand, taught me in brainstorming and creating new ideas and also hands-on in all technical aspects of creating videos of the various television genres; from a creative idea to writing and presentation to audio and visuals on screen.
Aside from the academic aspects, one of my Mass Communications lecturers encouraged me to join the John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA), which gave me opportunities to put my studies into practice; creating videos for individual and corporate fundraisings.
The 2 years knowledge and experiences obtained in Curtin University was a stepping-stone in pursuing my career in the television industry.

Dilendri Wettewe
Brand Executive,
Publicis Solutions – Leo Burnett Sri Lanka

I would say my four years at Curtin is one of the best times ever. I started with a foundation course which was my first year at Curtin Sarawak and it really did help me when I moved into the degree stage.
The next three years was a great experience. I was enrolled full time in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication degree and the program provided solid hands on learning experience. With the selection of units I got the chance to engage in a quite diverse set of classes; moving from film production units to creative writing classes to strategies and marketing lessons.
Lecturers were helpful at all times and their support and feedbacks challenged me to grow and prepared for my career and the amazing classmates made it a fun filled learning experience. We were encouraged to group up with different teams and to take up different roles as the course was heavily based on practical assignments and film productions which I believed that gave me an opportunity to experience and learn to face challenges both in my career as well as in life today.
The life experiences I’ve got been an international student and the learning experience from Mass Communication program at Curtin is still helping me to grow. As a Brand Executive at a leading advertising agency in the industry I get to apply something I learned every single day, may it be at a brain storming session with the team or may it be a client presentation or may it be at a TV commercial production set; I believe that Mass communication program at Curtin was definitely a great choice I made.

Anusha Shanmugaveloo
Junior PR Consultant,
Edelman Malaysia

Curtin University’s double major degree (PR and FTV) is a very realistic qualification. The program, with a little touch of journalism, a hint of exposure to designing, a pinch of reality check and a whole bunch of industry related PR and FTV modules shaped my mindset to handle the challenges of the real world.
I have worked with many prominent companies both located locally and globally. My experience spans from crisis management to corporate branding to consumer events. But my favourite aspect of my job is humanising corporate companies to appeal to consumers – to build connections. A part of that vibe came from a combo of the very lovely people-centric Miri environment coupled by an Australian program. In short, the program taught me how to go glocal (global + local) and I still apply the skills I picked up in university to date.