Industrial Advisory Panel


The role of the Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the board members and the academic staff in the Department of Built Environment at Curtin University, Malaysia. The academic staff meet IAP at least once a year to review the quality and effectiveness of the degree and postgraduate programmes that we offer to our students, and their valuable commitment underpins the relevance of our syllabuses. The Department of Built Environment’s IAP comprises professionals from different companies and sectors across Malaysia. Their enormous collective experience covers the full breadth of Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Construction Management disciplines. Some members consist of our alumni, keen to provide and recommend further improvement to the course based on first-hand experiences. Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) members have made a faithful commitment to the engineering profession and look to feedback on their important experience to our educators, to help maximize the effectiveness of our future professions.

Responsibilities of the Industrial Advisory Panel include:

  • To advise on existing and new courses, ensuring taught programs remain industry-relevant;
  • To provide feedback on programme educational objectives (PEO) performance;
  • To expand and engage with a network of enterprises and agencies in Sarawak and Malaysia;
  • To identify research priorities in humanities for the economies of Sarawak, Malaysia and ASEAN;
  • To foster collaboration with public and private sector organizations, establishing and maintaining;
  • To advise or assist in internships and graduate placement; and
  • To advise or create research partnership opportunities including doctoral scholarships.

Special Note:

The Industry Advisory Board has no explicit or implied role in governance or performance monitoring and will not be involved in detailed operational or managerial aspects of the work of the Department of Built Environment, Curtin University Malaysia.

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