Research and development of this department is mainly focusing on the evolving challenges and opportunities in the built environment. It encompasses a wide range of topics and areas of study aimed at improving the design, construction, and management of buildings, infrastructure, and urban spaces. Collaboration between academia, industry, and government entities is essential to drive innovation and address the complex challenges facing the construction and urban planning sectors.

Research Cluster

Built Environment and Education (BEE) Cluster

The department is proud to announce the establishment of a dynamic and forward-thinking research cluster, named “Built Environment and Education (BEE).” This innovative initiative reflects our commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and collaboration within the academic community.

The core goal of this research is to harness our collective expertise and knowledge to address, explore, and advance current research trends within the multifaceted realm of the built environment and education. We welcome dedicated researchers, faculty members, and students to come together to engage in interdisciplinary research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to the ongoing evolution of these critical fields.

The BEE clusters; Education, Surveying and Management, serve as a hub for intellectual exchange, innovative ideas, and collaborative projects, where we aim to not only keep pace with but also stay ahead of the ever-evolving landscape of research in our chosen domains. We aim to shape the discourse, drive impactful change, and positively influence policy and practice in the realms of built environment and education.

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