About Us

These programs are dedicated to prepare students for undergraduate study in Arts. Students who obtain satisfactory results are not only eligible for admission to a range of undergraduate courses offered at Curtin Malaysia, but also the undergraduate courses offered at the Curtin Perth Campus.

We are committed to provide quality teaching and learning experience to students to ensure their success in these programs. In addition, these programs challenge students to become active learners who can acquire, interpret, communicate and apply knowledge within and across disciplines to cultivate the integrative thinking required in a complex and rapidly changing world. They are also aimed at developing academic diligence, critical analysis, and a raft of generic skills in students. In summary, they provide solid foundation for the students to adapt to university education more confidently, both in terms of level and style of education.

Programme Structure
A course is a prescribed set of units that are studied to obtain a degree. Students working towards their first qualification study undergraduate courses, while postgraduate courses are taken after students have obtained the first degree.