Department of Culture and Language Studies

About us

Welcome to the website of The Department of Culture and Language Studies of Curtin University, Malaysia. This department is divided broadly into two streams. The first comprises a dynamic and diverse community committed to the teaching of English language to school leavers and undergraduates in meaningful and fun ways. Students who wish to explore and extend their English Language capabilities will find the Intensive English Programme helpful.
The Department of Culture and Language Studies also focuses on the following:

  • Providing Foundation English Units
  • Providing Staff English Programme for Curtin Malaysia staff and the community beyond

The second stream, The MoHE Units Division, is made up of an equally lively team of lecturers responsible for delivering the compulsory subjects mandated by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. The MoHE units comprise of four broad categories namely, MPU U1, MPU U2, MPU U3 and MPU U4.
MPU U1  : Appreciating philosophy, values and history.
MPU U2 : Mastering humanity skills.
MPU U3 : Broadening knowledge through cross-disciplinary subjects
MPU U4 : Developing practical community-minded skills